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Chi Gong Flying Crane vhs Step by Step Guide to Qi Gong - Physical Flow & Balance
The Spirit of Qi Gong- 

Chinese Exercises for Longevity Essentials of Qi Gong Qi Gong-Healing Technique
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
List of events worldwide, medical research information, FAQ, mail list and organizing kit.

Wikipedia - Nei chia
Overview of Nei Chi, internal Chinese arts. Details on the history of the term and styles that are a part of it.

HealthWorld Online Qigong and Taiji
In depth resource on qigong and taiji (chi kung and tai chi). Articles on guidelines for practice, choosing your path, practices, online forums.

Terry Chan's Chinese Martial Arts
Various articles and links about Chinese internal martial arts.

Internal Strength Magazine
An online version of the newsletter published by Mike Sigman from July 1993 to May 1994 offering commentary and articles related to martial arts using "internal strength".

Shaolin Kung Fu Traiing 1Shaolin Kung Fu Traiing 2 Shaolin White Crane Gong 

Fu - Basic Training 1 (2002) 
Shaolin White Crane Gong Fu - Basic Training 2 (2002)

American Huc Chung Kun Tao
Features articles covering various aspects of the style.

Kung Fu Online
A source for information about the Chinese Martial Arts. Lists features, library, web directory, school listing, chat room, round tables, online supply shop, and event calendar.

Jarek's Chinese Martial Arts Pages
Foucused on mostly the internal arts. Features articles covering history, style, interviews, book reviews, and related material.

Mew Hing's 18 Daoist Palms System
Features articles, photos, free video downloads, links, and an online shopping section.

Chinese Kungfu
Introduction to Chinese Kung Fu, schools, weapons, martial ethics and etiquette.

Drunken Eight Immortals Kung Fu
Information on Drunken Eight Immortals and Three Genius Kung Fu Systems. Features history, links, products, photos, downloads, and seminars.

Jan's Wing Chun and Chi Sau Tao Kung Fu
Personal site on Wing Chun and Chi Sau Tao styles. Features articles, and links.

The Drunken Arts
Information if the Drunken Kung Fu styles.

Phoenix Dragon Kung-Fu Academy
Personal page with thoughts, events, and some links.
Home of Iron Crane
Information on animal fighting styles. Includes downloads, gallery, kata, lessons, news, book store and general information.

Chinese Martial Arts
A guide to Chinese martial arts focusing on the various styles of Kung Fu including history, practise, training techniques, club and instructor profiles and philosophy. Includes a variety of links.

Kungfu Mailing List
A page for the world-wide Kung Fu e-mail discussion group, an open forum for all traditional chinese martial artists.

Ryan's Kung Fu Website
Biographies and pictures of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Jet Li.

Moore's Shou Shu
A memorial page to Shifu Albert F. Moore Sr.

Study Kung Fu
Online training site to learn/study kung fu, tai chi, chinese martial arts, qi gong, and weapons.

Shaolin Yau Kung Mun Kung Fu Academy
Features articles on the history, instructors, theories, techniques, and related material. Instruction through the School located in Australia, or a distance learning program.

Yiquan Science
Information on a Chinese martial art. Features author profile, forum, history and links.

Nasson Ulanga's Fu Hok P'ai
Nasson Ulanga Hung Gar and Hung Sing Choy Li Fut School in Puert Rico. Includes style history, movie clips, and contact information.

Selini 108
Free online lessons which includes tutorial pictures and technique descriptions. Downloads also available.

Kung - Kick - Boxing Academy
School in teaching Chinese styles in New Delphi, India. Includes instructor profile, and school related information.

Yui Chi Chuan Kung Fu Wu Shu Society of Venezuela
Teaching a mix of chinese fighting styles. Contains links, photos, founder's profile, and related information. [Spanish, English]

Uniao Ton Lon Kung Fu Do
School in Brazil. Includes history, biographies, articles, and school related information. [Spanish,English,Portuguese]

Tai-chi Exercises for Seniors Taiji Pushing Hands 1 (YMAA Tai Chi) Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming (2003) Eight Simple Qigong Exercises for Health
Tai Chi Chuan and Applications

Mayo Clinic, Health Alert, Medline, Truth about Hormones, and more!

Tai Chi - Energy Training for Mind and Body, Vol. 1Taijiquan, Classical Yang Style DVD (YMAA Tai Chi) Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming Tai Chi - Energy Training for Mind and Body, Vol. 2

The Wu Style Tai Ji Site
Features pictures used by the founder of this style to illustrate the form (additional animations work in Netscape, but not in Internet Explorer).

Tai Chi Chuan - Wikipedia
Overview of history, styles, and the various aspects of Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Online
Online community to interact with Tai Chi Practitioners. Articles and routines with the aid of text, photographs and video. [Some free information, membership fee required to access all services.]

Tai Chi (Taiji) Network
Geographic directory of Tai Chi (Taiji) and Chi Kung (Qugong) teachers, schools and events worldwide.

Yongnian Taiji Martial Arts
An extensive Taiji and Qigong site with numerous on-line resources and articles.

Tai Chi Farm Memorial Website
Dedicated to the late taijiquan Grandmaster Jou Tsung Hwa and his legendary school, The Tai Chi Farm.

for diabetesTai Chi - The 24 Forms Tai Chi for Beginners


TaiChi Master
Features mpeg movies, pictures and music. Also includes Tai Chi history and origins.

Singapore Taiji
Features several articles on Tai Chi styles, training and history. Includes is an online store, web links, and FAQs. A directory of association and instructors, mostly in Asia, is also available.

The World of Tai Chi
Explanations of the history of the art, styles, and movements. Also includes information on the Shaolin Temples, five elements, and Tao Te Ching.

Tai Chi Paintings
Contains paintings and brush drawings showing movements and postures of the form.

Herrie's Tai Chuan Site
Features articles on history, training, and techniques.

Tai Chi for Arthritis (Multi-Language Version)

Chenjiagou Taijiquan
Resource for Taijiquan in general. Includes forum, teacher information, events and links.

T'ai Chi Ch'uan Information and Insight
Features resources, training tips, discussion forum, links, and books.

Tigers Tao
Excerpts from the Tao Te Ching, directions and pictures of wushu style, explanation of Feng Shui, and diagrams of pressures points.

Scott Cole's Discover Tai Chi - AM & PM Workouts 
Scott Cole's Discover Tai Chi Weight LossScott Cole's Discover Tai Chi: Workout Essentials

Electronic Resources on Tai Chi
Link collection to Tai Chi. Also includes Taoism and Chinese culture links.

The Tai Chi Site
Directory of annotated Tai Chi links, message board, search engine and a world calendar of Tai Chi events.

Lee Scheele's Tai Chi Chuan Links
A huge list of links (+1000) to Tai Chi Chaun resources on the internet.

A virtual reality primer.

American Chen Style Tai Chi Association
Information about 18th and 19th generation Chen family members, curriculum, articles, events, seminar topics, and membership.

Chen Style Taijiquan
Extensive information on the history, style, training, weapons, and masters of this form. Also includes reviews of seminars and books and resources.

Chen Style Taijiquan Notebook
Stance exercises, beginner's glossary, conduct and ethics of the Chen family, author's reviews of books and videos, and descriptions of other web resources.

Chen Style TaijiQuan
Features book reviews, articles, wallpaper downloads, links, and contact information.

The Yang Style of Tai Chi
Features articles on Tai Chi styles, history, philosophy, links, news, and forms.

International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association
List of affiliated groups, description of ranking system, seminars, Seattle, Washington class schedule, discussion board and photographs.

Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation
Master Gin Soon Chu and Vincent Chu teach Yang style in Boston, Massachusetts. History of the style, essays on the martial aspects, Yang Chengfu's ten points and essay on practice, class schedule, curriculum and Federation member links.

Tai Chi Teaching
Brief introduction to the philosophy, history and explanation of Yang-style. Includes photographs of postures.

Tai Chi Combat and Health
Discussion of the general principles of Yang style, guidelines for movement, single and double Push Hands, talk on Tai Chi Classics, and Da Lu.

Classical Tai Chi Sword (Tuttle Martial Arts)
by Petra Kobayashi

Shaolin Kung Fu OnLine Library
Resource offering a variety of information on Shaolin Kung Fu including forms, the monks and related details.

Shaolin Kung Fu
Information on traveling to China to train in the Shaolin Temple. Features an online shop, traveller reports, traveller tips, pictures, video, FAQ, forum, and links.

Honan Shaolin Wushu
Shaolin martial arts from the lineage of monk Qui Yie Chan and Jyou Lyan Huan.

Da Fa Wang Si Shaolin Temple Kung Fu
Information on traveling to China to train in the Shaolin Temple. Features a masters gallery, seminar listings, videos, articles and a members area.

A Shaolin Temple Perspective
The international nexus for the world wide Shaolin community. A personal look at the inner workings of the Shaolin temple, from the perspective of an "insider."

Tai Chi for Beginners DVD

Order of Shaolin Ch'an
A Buddhist religious order with a direct lineage to the last Chinese-born abbots of the Shaolin Order, who left China between 1901 and 1930. Features style information, essays, contact information, and links.

Pictures and background information on Shaolin Kung Fu and the USA Shaolin Temple.

China Shaolin Temple
A collection of information on Shaolin Kung Fu. Features news, information on styles, culture, FAQ and photo galleries.

The 7th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival
Shaolin wushu festival occurring every two years (including 2001) in China.

Chang Dsu Yao
Dedicated to the memory of Grandmaster Chang Dsu Yao who spread Chinese traditional Kung Fu all over Italy and Europe.

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Northern Shaolin Long Fist Family
Traditional Chinese Northern Shaolin Long Fist including empty hand, weapons and chi gong. Features and introduction to the style, history, systems and contact information.

Shaolin Wushu
Shaolin Kung-fu from the lineage of Sek Kow Sam.

Kai Men Kung Fu Association
An argentinian branch of the Chan Kwok Wai International Association. Instruction in Northern Shaolin and Choy Li Fat.

Shaolin Temple
Features history, video clips, gallery and contact information. Also includes articles on various styles, training tips, and weapons.

Shaolin International Federation
Offers information about Shaolin Kung Fu, the Shaolin Temple and Tai Chi Chuan. Including forum, win a free T-shirt, store, pictures, and world school database.
Information about the traditional Chinese Fukian Kung Fu style.

Photos of Shaolin Kungfu Disciples, China
100 more Photos of Shaolin Temple Kungfu disciples and masters.

Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan by Fu Zhongwen

Acupuncture, Qigong, and "Chinese Medicine"
Article by Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Skeptic's Dictionary: ch'i kung (qi gong)
Article by Robert Todd Carroll.

China Universe Qigong
Established by Master Huang Cheng Zhang. Multilingual site. HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province, PRC.

Complementary and Alternative Healing University
Qigong, herb dictionary. Classes offered in California. Maintained by Joe Hing Kwok Chu.

MindGazer Qigong Files
Web journal of a qi gong practitioner. Contains personal views on history, FAQ, forum, and directory of resources.

Articles about Mantak Chia's Healing Tao system of qi gong. Maintained by Keith Franzen.

Nei Tan: Chinese Taoist Internal Alchemy
Basic concepts of nei tan and related articles provided by M. Alan Kazlev.

Erle Montaigue's Tai Chi World
Martial arts/self defense and qi healing articles. Qi Gong
Links to qigong-related resources.

The Way of Qigong
Marisa provides an online introduction to Qigong. Multilingual site based in Italy.

Snake Style
Kung fu and qigong information.

Yahoo Health: Qigong
Describes qigong, who can benefit and simple exercises to practice.

Dan Tao, The Way of Transformation
A Taoist healing art based on the full synergy between ancient alchemical practices of qigong, tai ch'i chuan, taiyin and esoteric healing meditation. Master Sat Chuen Hon, founder.

Qigong: The Ancient Chinese Art for Health article by Jun Shan.

Alternative and Complimentary Medicine: A Focus on Qigong
Shannon Larry Sumrall Master of Arts Thesis at the University of Mississippi.

Art Of Chinese Swordsmanship : Manual Of Taiji Jian  by Zhang Yun

Beiji Taoism, Tai Chi and Qigong
Articles about the Beiji or 'North Star' system of self cultivation based on the teachings of the ancient Taoist sages of Wudang Mountain in Hubei Province, China. Maintained by Bryn Orr in Australia.

Ki Manual
Experimental manual for all students of ki by Skull Kid.

Smiling Panda's Links to Qigong sites
Maintained by Colin Pretorius.

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind 
by Shunryu Suzuki  Wai Lana Yoga: Little Yogis, Vol. 1 (2003) VHS  Classic Yoga Collection 2002 VHS Wai Lana Yoga:Little Yogis, Vol. 2 An Introduction to Zen Buddhism by D. T. Suzuki

Wai Lana Yoga: Facil Tonification Spanish VHS Wai Lana Yoga:Principiantes (Spanish) VHS Wai Lana Yoga:  Relajacion (Spanish) VHS

Wai Lana Yoga: Beginners Workout (2004) DVD

Wai Lana Yoga: Easy Series (2002) VHS The Flower Ornament Sutra The Heart of Understanding: Commentaries on the Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra
by Thich Nhat Hanh Wai Lana Yoga: Hello Fitness Series (1998)  VHS

Wai Lana Yoga: Wai Lana Yoga: Easy SeriesDVD
Wai Lana Yoga: Easy Relaxation Workout (1996) DVD
Wai Lana Yoga: Easy Toning Workout (1996) DVD

Wai Lana Yoga: Hello Fitness Series: Wake Up Body DVD
Wai Lana Yoga: Hello Fitness Series: Goodbye Inertia DVD
Wai Lana Yoga: Hello Fitness Series: Invigorating DVD

Wai Lana Yoga: Toning Workout DVD

Wai Lana Yoga: Wake Up Body (1998) DVD
Wai Lana Yoga: Relaxation (1998) DVD
Wai Lana Yoga: Goodbye Inertia DVD
Wai Lana Yoga: Easy Yoga Kit VHS Wai Lana Yoga: Get Started Yoga Kit (2001)  VHS Comprehensive Commentary on the Heart Sutra

Hatha Yoga for Kids, by Kids Integral Yoga Hatha
Zen Classics  Zen and Japanese Culture Daily Zen 2006 Calendar  Five Classic Meditations

Special Clothing at Danskin's Online store.
Yoga Sanctuary: A Guided Hatha Yoga Practice
Integral Yoga: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Yoga: 101 Essential Tips
The Yoga Sutras: The Book of the Spiritual Man Osho Yoga: Yoga for the 21st Century

Aikido For Children

Teaching Aikido to Children

The Karate Kid Karate Kid Part II Karate Kid Part III The Next Karate Kid The Next Karate Kid
Karate Kid DVD Special Edition

Kick to Get Fit Jr. - For Kids
VHS Karate for Kids Part 1 Karate for Kids Part 2
Keijutsukai Aikido: Japanese Art of Self-Defense (video)

Aikido Principles & Techniques

TOMIKI AIKIDO Aikido's Ueshiba King of Aikido Vol. I, IIAikido 

Ukemi Early American Judo, 

Jujitsu, Aikido

Akikido Ukemi 2:Principles of Giving

Aikido Self Defense for the Modern Warrior Vol. I

Aikido Self Defense for the Modern Warrior Vol. II

Aikido Self Defense for the Modern Warrior Vol. III

The Art of Iaido - Way of the Sword

Karate Bushido Self Defense Aikido (Les techniques des samourais)

The Art of Aikido, Vol. 1

The Art of Aikido, Vol. 2 , Vol. 3 , Vol. 5 , Vol. 6 , Vol. 7 , Vol. 8 , Vol. 9

Shuyokan Ryu Aikido I Shuyokan Ryu Aikido II Shuyokan Ryu Aikido III

Aikido Today Magazine Reviews

Books about Aikido: Budo: Teachings of the Founder of Aikido

Updated Saturday, February 11th,, 2006 Health, 2006

Hard to Find Books
Intellectual Yoga: An Introduction (Audible Books)

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Yoga for Dummies
Beyond Basic Yoga for Dummies
Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners
Basic Yoga Workout For Dummies - DVD & Exercise Ball Basic Yoga Workout For Dummies - DVD & Yoga Mat

Shaolin Yau Kung Mun Webring Links - teaching traditional martial arts

San Francisco YKM History

Tsunami! Geography for Students

National Parks Tour

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