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	Traditional Chinese Clothing : in Hong Kong and South China, 1840-1980 (Images of Asia) by Valery M. Garrett

Art Poster Print - Chinese Lanterns - Artist: Small - Poster Size: 19.75 X 9 inches

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designs Asian Costumes and Textiles : From the Bosphorus to Fujiama by Mary Hunt Kahlenberg The Simple Art of Chinese Calligraphy: Create Your Own Chinese Characters and Symbols for Good Fortune and Prosperity by Lei Lei Qu, Lei Lei Qui
Chinese New Year Recipes
Learn more about the festive recipes associated with this traditional holiday.

Chinatown Online: Chinese New Year -- Food
Provides traditional recipes for deep fried puffs and sesame cookies.

Chinese New Years 2000 - The Straits Cafe Virtual Restaurant
A well-known restaurant shares its holiday menu and a few of its recipes.

Chinese New Year Recipes
Favorite main course recipes from Chinese restaurants.

Chinese New Year at
Provides links to dozens of sites that offer Chinese recipes.

Chinese New Year
Non-traditional recipes with an Oriental flare.

New Year's Cake (Neen Gow)
For the Chinese new year.

Cambridge Illustrated

Internet Guide for China Studies
Annotated list of academic sites dealing with the Greater China area.

China Internet Information Center
Authorized portal site established by the Chinese government.

Link collection organised by topic, some with annotations. Categories in Chinese and English.

Shanghai-based portal with news and entertainment and travel information.

China Development Gateway
Information about the country from the Chinese government and the World Bank, focusing on the economy and administration.

China Center
At Minnesota University. Includes bulletin board, annotated links, travel advice and information on academic exchanges.

Library of Congress: China
Extensive information on the country's history, geography, population, culture, economy, politics and defence.

Portal site with information on Chinese culture, directory and shopping centre.

Muzi Net
Bilingual portal with directory, forums and entertainment information.

Chinese Business World
Information on the country in general, business and travel, with details of each province.

Raise Red Lantern DVD House of Flying Daggers DVD Hero DVD

China Index
Provides information and links on news, travel, business, culture, government and medicine.

Portal site with news, information, shopping stores, forum, mailing list and links. China
Information on various aspects of the country and its culture, with links organised by category and to news stories.

China on Internet
Information on the country's culture, plus directories of companies and their products.

Mere China
Recipes, texts of literary classics, travel information and a forum.

Provides more than five link pages on education and research, history and culture, economy and politics, nature and mankind, tours and entertainment. From Texas University.

Information on travel in general and outdoor activities in particular. Includes discussion boards and screensavers.

General information on the country and its culture. English and Spanish.

CD Jasmine Flower Audio CD ~ Beijing Angelic Choir Eastern Energy (Bonus DVD) Audio CD ~ Twelve Girls Band
Chinese New Year - China the Beautiful
A look at the Chinese calendar, along with answers to common questions.

Chinese New Year
In-depth explanation of the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration. Includes explanation of feasts, descriptions of traditional foods and decorations, and list of taboos and superstitions.

Chinese New Year
Relates the history behind the Chinese New Year, explains the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac, and allows visitors to send Chinese New Year e-cards.

When is Chinese New Year?
Provides the date for each year between 1645 and 2644, along with the corresponding animal.

Chinese New Year by Natalie Walker
Lesson plan for teachers of grades 2 - 3. Developed as a student project at Utah State University.

Chinese New Year by John Kjar
Lesson plan to teach students about the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Index
A list of articles about Chinese New Year, including the origin, activities, red packets, Lantern Festival, and animal signs.

MythingLinks: Lunar New Year 2000-2001
Features a series of annotated links to Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese New Year customs, folklore, and beliefs.

Welcome to the Year of the Millennium Dragon
Provides information about the holidays and features annotated links to sites which provide craft ideas, recipes, and related resources.

Celebrating Chinese New Year
by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith, Lawrence Migdale (Photographer)

The Chinese Calendar
Explains what the lunar calendar is, how it began, and how festival dates are determined.

Chinese New Year - China the Beautiful
A look at the Chinese calendar, along with answers to common questions.

New Year's Eve and Chinese New Year
Tells how people in Taiwan prepare to bid farewell to the old year and welcome a new one.

Chinese New Year
In-depth explanation of the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration. Includes explanation of feasts, descriptions of traditional foods and decorations, and list of taboos and superstitions.

Kids Domain: Chinese New Year at
Crafts, stories and links for the big day.

Chinese Americans and Their Immigrant Parents: Conflict, Identity, and Values by May Pao-May Tung The Chinese in America : A Narrative History by Iris Chang

Chinese New Year in Taiwan
Learn how the festival is celebrated in Taiwan.

Celebrate Holidays In The U.S.A.: Chinese New Year
Tells how the new year is observed in America's Chinatowns.

Chinese New Year
Students at an Oregon school tell how their families celebrate this day.

Chinese New Year
A brief look at the holiday's origins and the traditions observed today. Chinese New Year
Explains what the holiday is about and how it is observed.

Good Luck Life : The Essential Guide to Chinese American Celebrations and Culture Chinese New Year
Games, coloring pages, stationery, musical postcards, and zodiac bookmarks. Chinese New Year
Includes printable crafts, e-cards and some information about the Chinese Zodiac.

Chinese New Year
Explores the holiday's origin, its significance, and the way in which it is observed.

Chinese Cuisine
Recipes, articles and links, from Chinese Recipes
About 900 recipes from Aged Tofu to Za Jiang Mein.

Find suggestions and resources for Chinese cooking; recipes available via email.

SoYouWanna Cook a Chinese Dinner?
How to make a four-course Chinese meal.

Chinese Cuisine and Drink
Introduction to the main Chinese cuisines, food culture, and etiquette.

Yutopian's Cooking Page
Brief history of Chinese cooking, famous banquets and recipes.

Family Wok
Chinese style cooking done with the entire family.

China Cookbook
Information on Chinese food and tea culture, with small collection of recipes.

Lee Kum Kee
Chinese recipes from oyster sauce company, available in member section.
Exploring the reach of Chinese food. Discussion board and links to food blogs.

Vegetarian Recipes Around the World - Chinese
Recipes for Chinese and stir-fry dishes.

Chinese Recipes
Popular dishes from Barbequed Pork to Year of the Dragon Beef.

Chinese at Table
Chinese food writer and consultant Deh-ta Hsiung shares Chinese recipes and essays.

Chinese Recipe from Rumela's Web
Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Exchange, discuss and share your Chinese recipes with others.

 	Harvard Business Review on Doing Business in China (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series) Oakland's Chinatown (Images of America: California) (Images of America) by William Wong Garden Seeds

Dim Sum
Sampling of recipes for these small Chinese delicacies.
Small collection of recipes such as Buddha over the Wall. Chinese Recipes
About a thousand recipes, with several search options.

Wok With Me
Wok-and-Roll Chinese recipes to satisfy all Chinese food lovers, including Dim Sum section.

eLook Recipes: Chinese
Large collection of dishes.

Metal Chinese Lantern

Healthy Chinese Recipes
Quick and easy Chinese recipes that do not require deep frying.

Chinese Cooking
Recipes and information on Chinese culture by David Fong.

A Wok In The Kitchen
Chinese cooking group at Yahoo!

CuisineNet: Chinese Cuisine
Overview of the menu, cooking methods, and common ingredients.

Outdoor Stir Fry Recipes
Collection of stir fry and other recipes including squid roll, eel, and spinach.

Pai's Chinese Food
Small selection of recipes, such as Chinese Chives Cake and Five Colored Shredded Chicken.

Chinese Chicken and Cabbage Soup
A distant descendant of the duck and cabbage soup traditionally made from Peking Duck.

Authentic Chinese Cuisine
Offers details regarding a variety of Chinese cuisines.

Chinese Lantern Lili

Asian Furniture - Oriental Lamps - 21

Saga of Mulan
Chinese Opera Costumes Paper Dolls
by Ming-Ju Sun Chinese Opera
by Jessica Tan Gudnason, et al
Schaum's Outline of Chinese Grammar by Claudia Ross, Claudia Ross Liberty Graphics Men's Chinese Bats

Collectible Silk Doll Character Figurine: Chinese Ancient Beauty Miao Yu

Chinavista: Chinese Myths and Fantasies
Brief overview of the history and defining characteristics of Chinese mythology.

Eight Immortals of Chinese Mythology
Listing of the names of the Eight Immortals and their iconography.

Chinavista: Selected Chinese Myths and Fantasies
Small selection of well-known myths and legends.

Chinese Legends
Small collection of Chinese legends and myths.

Chinatown Online: Legends of China
Small collection of Chinese legends and myths.

Chinavista: Deities Worshipped by Farmers
Some of the gods worshipped by Chinese farmers.

Taoist Pantheon
Brief descriptions of various Taoist deities.

Seventh Sister and the Serpent
Sacred saga of the Yi people of southwest China offering a repository of social life, customs and mores.

The Creation Myth of Yayo
Told by Siapen Kotan Isamo of the Yami, a Malayo-Polynesian people inhabiting Orchid Island, part of the Republic of China, Taiwan.
Chinese Legends
Brief accounts of several myths and legends on emperor Huangdi, and how the world was formed.

Taoism and the Arts of China
Conceptual and artistic achievements of the Taoist tradition, Includes works ranging in date from 500 BCE to 1800 CE.

Chinese Painting
Collection of art gathered together for a painting class, most of the works here are Taoist or show heavy Taoist influence.

Li Po
Contains poems by Li Po, the Taoist poet.

Chinese Zen-Taoist Immortal Women Poets
Selected poetry by medieval Chinese women Zen-Taoist poets with additional articles on women and Taoism.

Fine and Applied Arts in China
Essay on Taoist poetry and art, including many examples of both.

Taoist content Art
Abstract paintings and other works from several artists and poets.

Unbleached Silk
Taoist philosophy and art manifested in Tai Chi play, I Ching wisdom, and Sumi-E paintings.