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Home Decor Framed Handmade Silk Embroidered Picture Framed Handmade Silk Embroidered Picture: Plum Blossom Flower 5 Home Decoration Framed Chinese Silk Embroidered Picture: Yellow Peony Wall Decoration Framed Chinese Silk Embroidery Picture: Fishing Wall Art Framed Silk Embroidered Picture: Chinese Painting Landscape 6  	Chinese Embroidery Framed Silk Hand-embroidered Picture: Fisherman's Song

Lover's View Silk Screen CHINA'S FINEST, Art Poster Storm Warning: Prepare for Shelter, Art Poster by Yin So-Tsu
	When China Ruled the Seas: The Treasure Fleet of the Dragon Throne, 1405-1433 China: A New History
by John King Fairbank, Merle Goldman Sources of Chinese Tradition, Vol. 1
by William Theodore De Bary, et al

Mao for Beginners
by Rius, Friends Chen Village Under Mao and Deng
by Anita Chan, et al 	Mao's Children in the New China: Voices From the Red Guard Generation (Asia's Transformations)
by Yarong Jiang (Editor), David Ashley 	Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China
by JUNG CHANG silk silk
China: Its History and Culture
by Scott W. Morton 	Chinese Propaganda Posters: From the Collection of Michael Wolf
by Michael Wolf (Illustrator) The Gate of Heavenly Peace: The Chinese and Their Revolution 1895-1980
by Jonathan D. Spence

Chinese Propaganda Posters:
From Revolution to Modernization
by Stefan Landsberger

Memoirs of a Chinese Revolutionary:
A Programme of National Reconstruction
for China by Yat-Sen Sun

Lightning over Potola, Lhasa, Tibet, Wall Poster by Thomas Laird, 36x24 Tibet - Prayer Flags, Wall Poster by John Lund, 36x11.75 Brigade's Chicken Farm, The, Art Poster by Ma Ya-Li

Pan Am - 50th Anniversary of the China Clipper, Art Poster by Andrew Benner Kai Fang Tea Trading Company: Tea from the Heart of China, Art Poster Chiang Kai-shek / TIME Cover: April 18, 1955, Art Poster by TIME Magazine Teng Hsiao-ping / TIME Cover: January 19, 1976, Art Poster by TIME Magazine  	Memoir of the Cultural Revolution, A / TIME Cover: June 08, 1987, Art Poster by TIME Magazine Hirohito, Pu Yi, Stalin and Chiang / TIME Cover: February 24, 1936, Art Poster by TIME Magazine Chou En-lai / TIME Cover: June 18, 1951, Art Poster by TIME Magazine Mao Tse-tung / TIME Cover: December 11, 1950, Art Poster by TIME Magazine At War Chinese Demonstrator / TIME Cover: May 29, 1989, Art Poster by TIME Magazine Marshal Chen Yi / TIME Cover: February 26, 1965, Art Poster by TIME Magazine Lo Jui-ching / TIME Cover: March 05, 1956, Art Poster by TIME Magazine Liu Shao-chi / TIME Cover: October 12, 1959, Art Poster by TIME Magazine Chou En-lai / TIME Cover: November 08, 1971, Art Poster by TIME Magazine Chou En-Lai / TIME Cover: February 03, 1975, Art Poster by TIME Magazine Teng Hsiao-p'ing / TIME Cover: February 05, 1979, Art Poster by TIME Magazine Be A Good Servant for the People, Art Poster by Chen Chun-Chan Iron Bastion: Joint Defense by the Army and the People, Art Poster revolutionary friendships Relationship Between a Teacher and Pupil is as Close as Family, Art Poster by Che Ang-Jin

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